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I smoke cause it makes you so chill, turns a shitty day to, “it’ll be alright” haha. Back pain, you meet some chill ass people by smoking. I just randomly met my neighbor cause he asked if I wanted to smoke a bowl with him. Haha
23. I smoked with my dad one time and he got stupid high. He laughed so much at everything hahah

Stoner Questions, do emmm! please!!
 1. When did you lose your smoking virginity?  2. How often do you smoke?  3. What's your favorite way to smoke?  4. Are you the type of person who'd rather smoke alone, or with people?  5. Why do you smoke bud?  6. Have you ever rolled a blunt?  7. Do you prefer blunts or joints?  8. What do you think about people who openly smoke around their kids?  9. Favorite strain?  10. How has smoking bud changed you as a person?  11. Bong rips are great right?  12. How about dabs?  13. How many different ways have to managed to smoke before?  14. Do your friends smoke?  15. Have you ever been hated on, or ridiculed for being a stoner?  16. How long have you smoked for?  17. Where do you usually smoke?  18. Have you ever showed a newbie the ropes to smokin bud?  19. Do you cough a lot when you smoke?  20. Have you ever been in trouble with the law because of marijuana?  21. Do your parents know that you smoke?  22. Do your parents give you shit about it?  23. Have you ever smoked with your parents/family members?  24. Did you introduce your self to weed, or did somebody get you into it?  25. How high is your tolerance?  26. Some good songs to get blazed to?  27. Highest you've ever been?  28. How much do you usually smoke daily, weekly, monthly?  29. The largest amount of bud you've purchased?  30. Do you have any smoking rituals?  31. Have you ever done a time bomb?  32. What was the most desperate thing you've ever done for weed?  33. Do you smoke legally, or illegally?  34. What's the best thing that weed's done for you?  35. Are you high right now?  36. Have you ever jacked someone's bag?  37. Have you ever been accused of being high at school, and denied it, even though you were?  38. Have you ever thought that the weed you smoked was laced?  39. Would you smoke with me?  40. Next time you're planning on getting high?  41. Best foods to munch on?  42. Do you plan on smoking for the rest of your life, just for the time being?


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